International Law
We advise a range of domestic and international clients in a variety of sectors. In doing so we combine our public international law and commercial knowledge with our strength in crisis management on issues principally although not exclusively in the following areas:

i. International Litigation, International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
We bring a vast breadth of knowledge and experience to the resolution of international disputes, including claims of expropriation and other investor-state disputes.
Our aim for clients is always the most efficient means of resolving their dispute. In this regard, we are pragmatic and strategic in assessing all options for a settlement. We therefore pursue negotiation, mediation and conciliation, placing policy and reputational issues at the core.

ii. Human Rights and Criminal Justice
We advise clients on the prevention of violations of their political and human rights and assist in seeking legal remedies where these human rights violations have already occurred. We also advise corporate clients on how their domestic and global business decisions affect human rights, and how to implement appropriate organisational policy.
We advise individuals accused of crimes, breaches of regulation or who may face claims of having contravened various international sanction regimes.
In addition, we advise on international humanitarian law and acts of war, the obligations of states and state parties to individuals affected by internal state unrest, as well as general government affairs.

iii. Asset Recovery
We advise on complex multi-jurisdictional fraud and asset-tracing and assist our clients in all aspects of the post-judgment or post-award phase. Clients benefit from our access to experts, investigators and legal practitioners in multiple jurisdictions which enables us to formulate tailored international asset recovery strategies.

iv. International Law and Diplomacy
We represent our client’s political and diplomatic needs at the highest level and with the utmost discretion. We assist clients in understanding the international regulatory requirements for political decision makers and advice on the rights and obligations of state representatives in other state territory.

v. Land and Maritime Boundary Issues
We advise sovereign states in making determinations and resolving disputes before international courts and arbitral tribunals on this complex area of law. The firm is equipped with knowledge and expertise in maritime delimitation and collaborates with both non-legal and legal experts.

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