Commercial Law
We advise a range of domestic and international clients in a variety of sectors. In commercial matters, we combine our sector expertise and commercial knowledge to projects and transactions arising principally although not exclusively in the following areas:

We bring a vast breadth of knowledge and experience to clients concluding complex commercial agreements and major projects within the healthcare sector, including public private partnerships, and the delivery and re-design of clinical services, whether publicly or privately funded.

Our aim for clients is always to protect their commercial interests and to propose practical solutions through every stage of commercial negotiation. We regularly advise clients at a strategic business level, applying our practical and legal experience to give our expert view on the commercial aspects of a proposed or developed project or transaction.

Our energy lawyers advise clients in the areas of renewable energy, oil and gas, and utilities. We understand the commercial models and the policy environment relevant to the sector, and we collaborate regularly with other experienced non-lawyer technical specialists who are able to advise on the non-legal aspects of a transaction, enabling us to provide a seamless service to our clients.

As well as advising on all aspects of major projects (including funding and M&A), we advise on disputes, policy and regulation, and our clients include generators, developers, suppliers, funders and end users.

General Commercial
Our commercial lawyers advise on a wide range of commercial contracts from standard terms to complex, bespoke arrangements, including:

• Contracts for supply of goods and services
• Confidentiality agreements
• Lease agreements
• Joint venture agreements
• Shareholders’ agreements
• Agency and distribution agreements (including all aspects of commercial agency law)
• IT, ICT and technology contracts
• Licensing agreements
• Website, software and hosting agreements
• Outsourcing agreements

Our expertise includes supporting clients across a range of sectors on the full life cycle of their contracts. This includes negotiating and drafting, advising on rights and remedies as issues arise during the life of the contract and dealing with any issues and claims resulting from termination.

Private Client
Peter Dovey and Co offer a range of additional private client legal services and welcomes enquiries from individuals and referrals from other professionals. Private Clients benefit from personal professional service provided by senior practitioners, bespoke fee arrangements depending upon the needs of a particular case and access to expert Counsel together with the firm’s network of senior non-lawyer experts and support staff.

Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
We advise a range of domestic and international clients in a variety of sectors. In doing so we combine our public international law and commercial knowledge with our strength in ‘risk’ and ‘crisis’ management and ‘urgent case’ matters on issues principally although not exclusively in the following areas:

International Litigation, International Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
We bring a vast breadth of knowledge and experience to the resolution of international disputes, including claims of expropriation and other investor-state disputes.
Our aim for clients is always the most efficient means of resolving their dispute. In this regard, we are pragmatic and strategic in assessing all options for resolution or settlement. We therefore pursue negotiation, mediation and conciliation, placing policy and reputational issues at the core.
Asset Recovery
We advise on complex multi-jurisdictional fraud and asset-tracing matters and assist our clients in all aspects of the post-judgment or post-award enforcement phase. Clients benefit from our access to FinCEN and International Sanctions expertise, financial crime investigators, and legal practitioners in multiple jurisdictions which enables us to formulate tailored international asset recovery strategies.

Human Rights and Criminal Justice
We advise clients on the prevention of violations of their political and human rights and assist in seeking legal remedies where these human rights violations have already occurred. We also advise corporate clients on how their domestic and global business decisions affect human rights, and how to implement appropriate organisational policy.

We advise individuals accused of crimes, breaches of regulation or who may face claims of having contravened various international sanction regimes.

In addition, we advise on international humanitarian law and acts of war, the obligations of States and State and Succession Parties to individuals affected by internal civil unrest, as well as general government affairs.

International Law and Diplomacy
We represent our client’s political and diplomatic needs at the highest level and with the utmost discretion. We assist clients in understanding the international regulatory requirements for political decision makers and advice on the rights and obligations of state representatives arising under International Convention and Treaty arrangements and obligations in other sovereign territory.

Land and Maritime Boundary Issues
We advise sovereign states in making determinations and resolving disputes before international courts and arbitral tribunals on this complex area of law. The firm maintains up to date knowledge and expertise in maritime delimitation and collaborates with both non-legal and legal experts.

IT, ICT and Technology Issues
We advise suppliers and customers on issues and disputes arising from the implementation, operation and management of large scale IT, ICT and technology projects (from general day to day commercial issues to complex contractual disputes).

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